Monday, April 6, 2015

Most Memorable Year!

You know what tonight is! Yup. Dancing With the Stars night! Whoo hoo! And it's "Most Memorable Year" night.
It's interesting to see who picks their best year and who picks their worst year as most memorable.
Nastia & Derek - (tango) - she picked her Olympic year, so an amazing year for her.
Michael & Peta - (rumba) - he chose his coming out year that caused a rift between he and his dad, so, bad year.
Riker & Allison - (tango) - he picked the year his band took off. Love that choice and his dance and the song (Shut Up and Dance). And he's in jeopardy!!!! No way!!!!
Robert & Kim - (waltz) - he chose the year his mother died. Very touching. Elegant. Charming. HIGH SCORE!
Chris & Witney - (rumba) - being on the Bachelore was his most memorable year. Surprise surprise. Beautiful song.
Patti & Artem - (?) - birth of her child. Good choice.
Rumor & Val - (waltz) - Bullying. A girl in pain. She reminds me of Kelly Osborne. Beautiful, talented, vulnerable. Adele song. Love it. Dance. Love it.
Suzanne & Tony - (waltz) - she chose Three's Comapny year and dedicated it to John Ritter. Charming and magical. And she is a testament to the Thighmaster.
Willow & Mark - (contemporary) - Hunger Games year. I'm not a fan of contemporary, but the judges were. "Bravo" per Carrie Anne.
Noah & Sharna - (contemporary) - 2005 when he was injured. He's inspirational, for sure. Amazing! A hero.
Who was my fav? I can't decide. Rumor & Val or Riker & Allison. Impossible to pick.
Next week! Disney Night!

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