Tuesday, May 19, 2015

And the Winner Is?


Finale Highlights:

Three completely different styles of freestyle. All perfect. In their own way.

What I Like About You Riker & Allison is your personal stamp of originality on every dance move.

Red Foo (not sure if I'm spelling that right) Juicy Wiggle.

Cal-i-fornia Girls.

At the Copacabana with Suzanne & Tony. Hot mess.

Lip-reading montauge that was priceless.

Robert & Kym just being happy - while dancing.

Jason Durillo a great dancer - and he sings too.

Chris & Witney being Footloose and nearly shirtless.

Andy Grammer Honey I'm Good with Nastia & Derek & Artum. One of my fav routines.

Turn the Beat Around with Rumor & Val.

Willow & Mark tripping through Wonderland.

Blooper reel.

Fifth Harmony (?) I'm Worth It (I might just be making stuff up at this point), in some rocking little black dresses.

What's with all the creepy movie preview commercials during  DWTS?

It's Going Down For Real. Seriously. Hawt!!!!

I have to go to bed. I'll find out tomorrow who won, I guess.

Monday, May 11, 2015

Oh, No It's Not! Oh, Yes It Is!

It's Dancing With The Stars Night!

Rumor & Val (waltz) A vision in white. Not an ugly duckling, a swan.

Noah & Sharna (?) Proposal!!!!! Who gives a damn about dancing.

Riker & Allison (contemporary) But really, how can he top a marriage proposal? This kid is crazy good.

Nastia & Artem (Quickstep) Looks amazing. Very animated.

It's anybody's game.

Monday, May 4, 2015

DWTS America's Choice!!!

It's the night we've (or maybe it's just me) been waiting for. Dancing With The Stars!!! Let's get to it.

Noah & Sharna - (tango) White. White. And more white. (salsa) I've said it before, I'll say it again - inspirational. Made Bruno fall out of his seat.

Chris & Witney - (contemporary) Most improved. He's in it to win it. (paso) "Room for improvement" Julianne. He just needs more experience with two women.

Riker & Allison - (waltz) Talk about emotional and amazing and powerful. Winner winner chicken dinner. (?) What? Party at Riker's. I'm there. "Hammered that #." per Carrie Anne.

Robert & Kym - (contemporary) The Kiss. (samba) Sharp dressed man.

Nastia & Sasha & Derek - (paso) Gladiator style. Killer it! Killed Sasha. (jive) Cute routine. Very clever. Brilliant. Aaaaaand perfect.

Rumor & Val - (rumba) Oh, that was the best danc eof the night. Best dance of the season - per me. 1st perfect score of the season! (paso) That girl knows what to do with two guys.

Tuesday - double elimination.