Saturday, April 12, 2014

Blast From The Past Review from Romancing the Book

Review: From the moment Dodging Cupid jumped off I was sympathetic to Jenna. The sweet gal with the Valentine’s Day blues due. It’s been a while since she had a lasting relationship, and the coupled up friends and family giving her sympathetic glances have worn her patience thin. In order to boycott the sickening sweet scene all together Jenna opts to spend her time in the laundry mat. There’s nothing romantic about a spin cycle right?

Wrong, in walks Del, the sexy biker with an unexpected quirky sense of humor and impeccable manners. Del is a tall drink of water (as my Gran would say) with stubble, a Harley and a black leather jacket. Yes, just the yummy eye candy you need when doing your sexy lingerie. (Can you sense the sarcasm?) The attraction between them combined with their easy banter leads Del to participate in her ban of the holiday. The trouble is cupid seems to have it in for them.
This short had me laughing out loud, covering my mouth in disbelief, and smiling. This is a sweet treat filled with wit, and humor. Though Del and Jenna didn’t get down and dirty in the sheets, there was plenty of sizzle and sexual tension.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Spring Fling Blog Hop

Happy first day of spring!
And welcome to the Spring Fling Blog Hop!  

I loooooove spring. It's my favorite season. This might sound strange, but summer reminds me that autumn is right around the corner, and that makes me think of winter, which is so cold. Spring is the beginning of sunshine, flowers, open-toed sandals (pedicures), and sleeveless shirts.  
Picnics. Strolling hand in hand. Love. Weddings. Honeymoons.
What's your favorite season and why? Leave me a comment with your email address and I will draw a winner of an ecopy of Lily in Wonderland.
Lily Tucker is down on her luck and considering a career strutting her stuff around a pole when she gets a call about an unexpected inheritance. It’s every girl’s dream—her estranged grandmother’s kicked the bucket, leaving Lily a house on a private island in Wonderland. 

When she reaches Wonderland, though, she finds a house that’s more like a hovel, a job waiting tables at the local diner, and a crime wave that seems to begin and end with Lily herself. Sexy deputy Toby can’t decide if he should arrest her or drag her off to bed—until it becomes clear that Lily’s not the criminal. She’s the target.
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