Monday, April 20, 2015


It's that time again. Dancing With The Stars spring break special!!! Why spring break? I have no idea. Who cares?

Patti and Artem - (quickstep) (29/40) "Cool by the pool", according to Len. Wardrobe malfunction. She lost her shoe.

Nastia and Derek - (tango) (34/40) He spun her like a top. I thought the song was wrong for the dance, but the wardrobe choice was thumbs up.

Willow and Mark - (salsa) (34/40) Tequila!!!! and extra ribs. I thought it was a hot mess, but the judges disagreed.

Robert and Kym - (jive) (28/40) Started out right in a 56 T-bird, the Beach Boys, high energy. Fun! Big smiles! Cutie cute couple. Her costume was a-maz-ing.

Noah and Sharna - (rumba) (29/40) Drama in practice. He's incredible. Inspirational. Enough said.

Rumor and Val - (jazz) (32/40) Bootylicious (not sure how to spell it). "It's a ballroom not a bedroom" (per Len). Deliciously raunchy.

Chris and Witney - (waltz) (31/40) Hopelessly Devoted to You. They were pretty in pink. "He wooed us all", according to Carrie Anne. Now I'm a  little afraid for Robert and Kym.

Riker and Allison - (samba) (37/40) I love this kid. Fan girl - Carrie Anne (and me too). Is he really Derek's cousin? They "joked" he was. I can really see it. Now. After being told. I'm a little slow.

Team Wipeout - (Yolo) (39/40) Cute costumes. "Tight, together, terrific", per Len.

Team Trouble - (39/40) Okay, I think they nailed it. Bare chests. Short skirts. What's not to love?

Dance like no one is watching.

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