Monday, April 13, 2015

Disney Night!!!!

It's Monday. You know what that means.
It's Dancing With The Stars night.
And it's Disney week!
I love DWTS. Here's the thing. Disclaimer. Don't hate me.
I'm not a fan of Disney. Not the movies. Not the music. Not the parks.
Okay, yes, I love some of the characters. Mickey, Minnie, Goofy. Have I redeemed myself?
No? Get over it. 
Suzanne & Tony (Jazz - Lady and the Tramp) (28/40) I wish my body looked as smokin' hot as hers. Jeopardy. Wardrobe malfunction. Rehearsal meltdown.
Robert & Kym (Quickstep - Mary Poppins) (24/40 ) How adorable are they? Out of step, timing off, still adorable. A little creepy that the cameraman was eaves dropping on their private conversation last week. Step away from their privacy bubble, dude.

Patti & Artem ( Waltz - Pinocchio) (27/40) Injury. Jeopardy. The judges threw lots of adjectives out there: beautiful, charming, magical, lovely...just to name a few.

Willow & Mark (Fox Trot - Alice in Wonderland) (34/40) Top of the leader board. Eat me. Drink me. Dance me.

Chris & Witney (Quick Step - Hercules) (27/40) Bottom of the leader board. Injury. Temper tantrum. Alfonso wisdom. Wardrobe regrets.

Noah & Sharna (Fox Trot - Aladdin) (28/40) Magic carpet ride. Quote of the week: "Suck it up, Princess". And he did.

Riker & Allison (Paso - Pirates) (38/40) Rocker Riker channels Captain Jack Sparrow and nails it. "Slayed it. Killed it." according to Carrie Ann. Left her babbling. I thought it was a bit of a hot mess, but I already made it quite clear I know nothing about dancing.

Rumor & Val (Samba - Little Mermaid) (39/40) Under the sea practice. Bad girl doesn't want to be a princess she wants to be evil. She dances with an eel instead of a prince. Good on her. Love her for it. Rave reviews!!! Well deserved.

Nastia & Derek (Jazz - Frozen) (38/40) Sunnyside up. Fun, fun, Frozen fun.

OMG! Robert and Kym are at the bottom of the leader board! Say it ain't so.
Spring Fling Special next week.

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