Monday, March 30, 2015

Latin Night!!!!

It's Dancing With The Stars night, and more importantly it's Latin Night.

Disclaimer: I don't dance. I don't know anything about dancing, which doesn't stop me from loving and sometimes hating certain dance routines.

Rumor and Val - (Salsa) Nicely done. Apparently Rumor's whoo ha is a deadly weapon, but no blood was spilled.

Charlotte and Keo - (Rumba) Bruno just called her dumb but pretty (he thinks I'm pretty *flutters eyelashes*). I loved the song.

Michael and Peta - (Salsa) (Pitbull!!!!) Michael didn't break her. That's a good night.

Riker and Allison - (Salsa) Who is this kid???? He brought the sexy!!!! I feel dirty.

Suzanne and Tony - (Salsa) I hope I can salsa at 68. The woman can shake her moneymaker.

Chris and Witney - (Tango) I like the song and I'm a fan of the no-shirt-tuxedo. Tossing a twirling girl in the air and catching her on the way down is impressive.

Robert and Kym - (Rumba) My favorite Shark. Now I'm a fan of the no-jacket-tuxedo. He's buff. And sensitive. Don't get me started on how charming he is or how adorable they are together.

Patti and Artem - (Cha-cha) I love love loved her costume, the color and cut. She looked amazing.

Willow and Mark - (Paso) Fire and Ice.

Noah and Sharna - (Tango) WOW! Well done.

Nastia and Derek - (Samba) Me like. Primal.

To sum up the evening, there were plenty of bare, hairless man chests. It was a good night.

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