Monday, April 27, 2015


Era's week? Fun fun fun concept.

Riker & Allison - (1920s quick step) (37/40) The band did a great job of making Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle sound like a ditty from the 1920s. Fast. Fun. Homerun!

Chris & Witney - (1940s fox trot) (31/40) I have a weakness for sailors in crackerjacks. Five Minutes More by ol' Blue Eyes. Most improved.

Rumor & Val - (1960s jive) (36/40?) Crisp, cute, clean jive. Seemed more 1950s than 1960s, in my opinion. Injury drama.

Noah & Sharna - (1970s jazz) (36/40) He's got some amazing hip action. Badass. Pimp Daddy. Player.

Robert & Kym - (1980s Tango) (31/40) He looked smashing. "Get a room dance of the night." Tom B.

Nastia & Sasha - (modern charleston) (38/40) I loved the song, the dance, the concept. "Killed it!" Julianne. Injury drama. They came and conquered.

Willow & Mark - (futuristic jazz) (37/40) Ninja style.

Quote of the week - "Get that bat away from me." Erin Andrews.
Special moments - Bruce Willis came to visit his daughter Rumor. Touching and supportive.
Side note -  Julianne's cleavage was ridiculous. If I want to see your boobs, I'll let you know.
TOMORROW - DWTS 10th anniversary special!!!!
America's choice next week.

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