Monday, April 27, 2015


Era's week? Fun fun fun concept.

Riker & Allison - (1920s quick step) (37/40) The band did a great job of making Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle sound like a ditty from the 1920s. Fast. Fun. Homerun!

Chris & Witney - (1940s fox trot) (31/40) I have a weakness for sailors in crackerjacks. Five Minutes More by ol' Blue Eyes. Most improved.

Rumor & Val - (1960s jive) (36/40?) Crisp, cute, clean jive. Seemed more 1950s than 1960s, in my opinion. Injury drama.

Noah & Sharna - (1970s jazz) (36/40) He's got some amazing hip action. Badass. Pimp Daddy. Player.

Robert & Kym - (1980s Tango) (31/40) He looked smashing. "Get a room dance of the night." Tom B.

Nastia & Sasha - (modern charleston) (38/40) I loved the song, the dance, the concept. "Killed it!" Julianne. Injury drama. They came and conquered.

Willow & Mark - (futuristic jazz) (37/40) Ninja style.

Quote of the week - "Get that bat away from me." Erin Andrews.
Special moments - Bruce Willis came to visit his daughter Rumor. Touching and supportive.
Side note -  Julianne's cleavage was ridiculous. If I want to see your boobs, I'll let you know.
TOMORROW - DWTS 10th anniversary special!!!!
America's choice next week.

Saturday, April 25, 2015

The Age of Adaline

I really wanted to love this movie. The good news is I didn't hate it. I can't tell you how many writing contest entries I've read that start with a car accident that (without plausible explanation) propels the heroine through time. This wasn't that - exactly - but similar. And how she stopped aging was explained (narrated), which leads me to the next problem.

I don't care to have someone narrating the movie to me. Irks me. I mean, I liked it in The Princess Bride when Peter Faulk's character reads to his grandson. That's fine. Clever even. And parts of The Age of Adaline were also clever. But not the first ten minutes or the last ten minutes where the movie was explained to me like I'm an idiot. And I never once got the chills. You know, the chills.

I enjoyed Michiel Huisman as Ellis. He's tall, dark and handsome. Likable. Sexy. I enjoyed him on HBOs Treme and Nashville. I guess he's on a little show called Game of Thrones. I've never seen it. Harrison Ford was okay. Cathy Baker is always good, in my opinion. I thought Amanda Crew was a little gem as Kikki.

And then there's Blake Lively. I glanced at her bio. I've heard of her, of course. I guess I saw her in The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, but don't remember her. No, I've never seen Gossip Girls - sorry. Blake (aka Adaline) was consistently melancholy throughout the entire movie. And men (in the movie) seem to be drawn to that sort of thing. Not sure why. She was sooooooo serious, as well as seriously sad for being ageless and beautiful and rich, apparently. Sure, immortality comes with its drawbacks, but come on, cut loose, be happy.

Some stuff just didn't add up for me or make sense, which is fine if the movie is good enough to allow me to suspend my disbelief. The romance wasn't there for me, I just didn't buy it. It was love at first sight for him, but to me, she didn't have the personality for it to be true love. Visually, it was a lovely movie. A well-made movie with pretty people. A modern day fairytale. Maybe there's something wrong with me, but I just didn't love it.

Previews - Love & Mercy with John Cusack - gave me the chills.

Monday, April 20, 2015


It's that time again. Dancing With The Stars spring break special!!! Why spring break? I have no idea. Who cares?

Patti and Artem - (quickstep) (29/40) "Cool by the pool", according to Len. Wardrobe malfunction. She lost her shoe.

Nastia and Derek - (tango) (34/40) He spun her like a top. I thought the song was wrong for the dance, but the wardrobe choice was thumbs up.

Willow and Mark - (salsa) (34/40) Tequila!!!! and extra ribs. I thought it was a hot mess, but the judges disagreed.

Robert and Kym - (jive) (28/40) Started out right in a 56 T-bird, the Beach Boys, high energy. Fun! Big smiles! Cutie cute couple. Her costume was a-maz-ing.

Noah and Sharna - (rumba) (29/40) Drama in practice. He's incredible. Inspirational. Enough said.

Rumor and Val - (jazz) (32/40) Bootylicious (not sure how to spell it). "It's a ballroom not a bedroom" (per Len). Deliciously raunchy.

Chris and Witney - (waltz) (31/40) Hopelessly Devoted to You. They were pretty in pink. "He wooed us all", according to Carrie Anne. Now I'm a  little afraid for Robert and Kym.

Riker and Allison - (samba) (37/40) I love this kid. Fan girl - Carrie Anne (and me too). Is he really Derek's cousin? They "joked" he was. I can really see it. Now. After being told. I'm a little slow.

Team Wipeout - (Yolo) (39/40) Cute costumes. "Tight, together, terrific", per Len.

Team Trouble - (39/40) Okay, I think they nailed it. Bare chests. Short skirts. What's not to love?

Dance like no one is watching.

Monday, April 13, 2015

Disney Night!!!!

It's Monday. You know what that means.
It's Dancing With The Stars night.
And it's Disney week!
I love DWTS. Here's the thing. Disclaimer. Don't hate me.
I'm not a fan of Disney. Not the movies. Not the music. Not the parks.
Okay, yes, I love some of the characters. Mickey, Minnie, Goofy. Have I redeemed myself?
No? Get over it. 
Suzanne & Tony (Jazz - Lady and the Tramp) (28/40) I wish my body looked as smokin' hot as hers. Jeopardy. Wardrobe malfunction. Rehearsal meltdown.
Robert & Kym (Quickstep - Mary Poppins) (24/40 ) How adorable are they? Out of step, timing off, still adorable. A little creepy that the cameraman was eaves dropping on their private conversation last week. Step away from their privacy bubble, dude.

Patti & Artem ( Waltz - Pinocchio) (27/40) Injury. Jeopardy. The judges threw lots of adjectives out there: beautiful, charming, magical, lovely...just to name a few.

Willow & Mark (Fox Trot - Alice in Wonderland) (34/40) Top of the leader board. Eat me. Drink me. Dance me.

Chris & Witney (Quick Step - Hercules) (27/40) Bottom of the leader board. Injury. Temper tantrum. Alfonso wisdom. Wardrobe regrets.

Noah & Sharna (Fox Trot - Aladdin) (28/40) Magic carpet ride. Quote of the week: "Suck it up, Princess". And he did.

Riker & Allison (Paso - Pirates) (38/40) Rocker Riker channels Captain Jack Sparrow and nails it. "Slayed it. Killed it." according to Carrie Ann. Left her babbling. I thought it was a bit of a hot mess, but I already made it quite clear I know nothing about dancing.

Rumor & Val (Samba - Little Mermaid) (39/40) Under the sea practice. Bad girl doesn't want to be a princess she wants to be evil. She dances with an eel instead of a prince. Good on her. Love her for it. Rave reviews!!! Well deserved.

Nastia & Derek (Jazz - Frozen) (38/40) Sunnyside up. Fun, fun, Frozen fun.

OMG! Robert and Kym are at the bottom of the leader board! Say it ain't so.
Spring Fling Special next week.

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Woman in Gold (2015) - Moviefone

Woman in Gold (2015) - Moviefone

I laughed. I cried. I got chills a few times. Helen Mirren is always great and did not disappoint. Ryan Reynolds - well - even nerded down he was cute and endearing. It was good to see Katie Holmes on the screen again.

No sex. No romance. No one gets murdered. Nothing blows up. Just a heart-warming story about justice and principles and righting wrongs. It's a era in history that should not be forgotten.

Monday, April 6, 2015

Most Memorable Year!

You know what tonight is! Yup. Dancing With the Stars night! Whoo hoo! And it's "Most Memorable Year" night.
It's interesting to see who picks their best year and who picks their worst year as most memorable.
Nastia & Derek - (tango) - she picked her Olympic year, so an amazing year for her.
Michael & Peta - (rumba) - he chose his coming out year that caused a rift between he and his dad, so, bad year.
Riker & Allison - (tango) - he picked the year his band took off. Love that choice and his dance and the song (Shut Up and Dance). And he's in jeopardy!!!! No way!!!!
Robert & Kim - (waltz) - he chose the year his mother died. Very touching. Elegant. Charming. HIGH SCORE!
Chris & Witney - (rumba) - being on the Bachelore was his most memorable year. Surprise surprise. Beautiful song.
Patti & Artem - (?) - birth of her child. Good choice.
Rumor & Val - (waltz) - Bullying. A girl in pain. She reminds me of Kelly Osborne. Beautiful, talented, vulnerable. Adele song. Love it. Dance. Love it.
Suzanne & Tony - (waltz) - she chose Three's Comapny year and dedicated it to John Ritter. Charming and magical. And she is a testament to the Thighmaster.
Willow & Mark - (contemporary) - Hunger Games year. I'm not a fan of contemporary, but the judges were. "Bravo" per Carrie Anne.
Noah & Sharna - (contemporary) - 2005 when he was injured. He's inspirational, for sure. Amazing! A hero.
Who was my fav? I can't decide. Rumor & Val or Riker & Allison. Impossible to pick.
Next week! Disney Night!