Sunday, December 13, 2015

Wait For It...

And now for my next trick....I'm going to attempt to format and upload Lily in Wonderland to Amazon. I'm working out the kinks, which means reading my baby again. My pleasure, really. And this is the cover, by Lourdes Blazek, that I've chosen to represent Lily.

Lily in Wonderland
Kelly Fitzpatrick

Lily Tucker is down on her luck and considering a career strutting her stuff around a pole when she gets a call about an unexpected inheritance. It’s every girl’s dream—her estranged grandmother’s kicked the bucket, leaving Lily a house on a private island in Wonderland. 

When she reaches Wonderland, though, she finds a house that’s more like a hovel, a job waiting tables at the local diner, and a crime wave that seems to begin and end with Lily herself. Sexy deputy Toby can’t decide if he should arrest her or drag her off to bed—until it becomes clear that Lily’s not the criminal. She’s the target.

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