Saturday, December 19, 2015


I love historical movies. Maybe I love history. If you asked me to list my top ten "loves", I doubt I'd say history, but my love of a simpler time is there just beneath the surface. I don't go see X-men or super heros or Star Trek movies, but I do venture to the theater for a trip back in time (even if I don't go any further back than the 1950s). 

Sometimes I'm disappointed by my movie outings. My high expectations ruin the experience. Not this time. I loved Brooklyn. It made me laugh and cry. My only complaint would be that perhaps it was too goody goody. Everyone was likeable. There was no bad guy. No one was forced into prostitution (The Imigrant) or swindled or coerced into marrying someone they didn't love. Maybe that's what I also found so refreshing. This was not your cookie cutter movie. Just a girl making the best of a bad situation, turning her lemons into lemonaid with hard work and tough decisions.

And I'm going to put a good movie in the "spirit" column in my efforts to work on my Mind, Body & Spirit. There is something so tranquil about sitting in a dark theater with a handful of strangers.

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