Thursday, October 27, 2016

Snow Job

Coming December 7th, 2016


 Natalie Duncan is caught off guard and on the road over the Christmas holiday by a blinding snowstorm. In an act of desperation, she picks up a hitchhiker along the mountain pass. When night closes in and the storm worsens, they take refuge in an abandoned cabin to wait out the blizzard. Russ Crew is instantly attracted to Natalie, but the gold band on her finger stops him from pursuing her. Natalie, a widow, is also drawn to him except the difference in their ages convinces her that he’s a nice guy simply being polite. Due in part to their desperate situation they form an emotional bond that soon turns physical. But once the snow melts, can they make a relationship work in the world outside their ramshackle cabin?

1 comment:

  1. I thoroughly enjoy Kelly's writing. She is somehow able to craft multiple layers and a certain in-depth abbreviated character development into the short story format. Especially since, Romance is definitely not my first, second, or frankly tenth go-to genre, Kelly gives it depth, is able to captivate me with plot, empathize and identify with the characters, all while keeping a consistent tone with her deliciously irreverent and intelligent wit. As a man, its always nice that her female protagonists always seem to share a certain nymphomaniacal tendency but she manages to be sexy without ever being cliche. Thanks for more Kelly! Keep 'em coming.