Sunday, January 24, 2016

Hyde Park on Hudson

I just caught Hyde Park on Hudson with Bill Murray and Laura Linney on Netflix. My love of historicals is no secret. I loved the visuals, costumes, and sets.

At first I couldn't believe the debauchery of FDR, and took the movie for a work of fantasy. But then I did a little research. The internet is an amazing place. Decided maybe I was being judgemental. I guess everyone needs love, and just because I define love as between two people, doesn't mean everyone should. My knee-jerk reaction is FDR was a womanizer who used his powerful position to lure wide-eyed innocents to his bed.

That doesn't mean Bill Murray didn't make a sympathetic FDR. And Laura Linney a convincing Daisy. I didn't "get" the romantic connection between the two, him being, in my eyes, dull, and a bit of a sexual opportunist. Her being even duller, no opinions, no spunk. I'd say that's why he preyed on her. I felt her pain upon being betrayed, but then she accepts and embraces an alternative lifestyle. I'm not saying that's right or wrong. Relationships are complicated. But he seemed like a narcissist to me.

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