Saturday, December 28, 2013

Adventures in Housesitting

While my mother and her hubby are where the sun does shine, I'm acting as houseitter. Basically I feed a cat that isn't theirs, water plants (the plants are theirs) and keep the house in one piece. Sounds simple enough. Even for me.

December 26 - I left before the sun came up and returned after the sun went down. I had my car checked out because I think the hill my poor Subaru climbs each day will be the death of it, but the service dispatcher says no, I'm crazy (he didn't really say that, but might as well have). I ate leftover pasta from Christmas eve and did laundry and dishes. I did not do the Risky Business dance I said I would. I did do some serious editing and light reading, sprinkled with chatting online.

December 27 - My day went something like the day before. I conned the service department into checking out my car again, but turns out I am still crazy -  nothing is wrong. There is no strange burning smell coming from the rear driver's side tire area. It's my imagination. Ate leftover cheese, crackers and summer sausage from Christmas eve and drank a beer (maybe two). I indulged in a bubble bath. I have not seen "the cat" but something ate all the cat food. I watched The Scapegoat on PBS, which was very good.

December 28 - Ventured out to get gas and groceries. I bought everything I need to make my morning smoothie, but forgot to pickup my magic bullet. I walked 5 miles. I'm going to actually cook tonight. Chicken and rice. I broke the turn knob in the shower. Hope my mother doesn't read this. Note to self - get some glue.

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